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what an awesome idea
i wish we could pet puppies and kittehs in nz i would totally be there when it all got a bit overwhelming

Little Odd Me

If it does, then it makes me pathetic too! :D

I volunteered at the local animal shelter for the same reason.

Little Odd Me

Or, at the moment I just go here!


No, it makes you smarter than the average bear.  Perhaps you could start a business providing pets for stressed folk to pet on their way home from frustrating days at work.


did you know hospitals are now having more and more animals around
becuase it helps people with stress and depression
at the spine unit in auckland they have a cat


Indeed...if that makes one pathetic, then I'm right there with you. My problem is that I want to take all of them home with me. Of course my wife thinks that's a horrible idea. :-)

Lil Red Muffin Head

I would go petting with you. I mean they are KITTEHS for goodness sake.  

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